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A spinoff from The University of Nottingham, Nimrod Energy Ltd. is dedicated to the mission of integrating energy storage with wind power. Energy drawn from the wind is collected in a form that can be stored directly and converted into electricity only when that is needed.

Nimrod is transforming wind power from being an inflexible generation source that only works when the wind blows to a dispatchable power source that delivers electricity when required.

The potential effect of this is huge: it paves the way to an affordable future energy system powered 100% by carbon-free generation sources.

Nimrod’s approach is very distinctive. See our Technology page to understand why integrated energy storage is quite different from all other energy storage methods, and what its advantages are.

Latest News

Preparations for Offshore Testing Preparations for Offshore Testing
In keeping with Nimrod Energy’s pathway to commercialisation of Energy Bags, a 4m diameter prototype Energy Bag will soon be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, in the first ever test of its kind.
10 November 2011